Dr. Hans W. Niemeyer founds a veterinary practice in Bevern and specialises in modern animal nutrition.

The young company begins with the production of premixes for the concentrated feed industry.

Dr. Niemeyer closes his veterinary practice in order to focus on the production of premixes and mineral feeds, and starts his future trade under the name Dr. Hans W. Niemeyer MIAVIT GmbH & Co. KG.

The company moves to Essen (Oldenburg), into a new spacious production plant.

The quality management implemented by MIAVIT is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and one year later the Dutch GMP standard was added.

Expansion of the production plant with the construction of a new storage and production hall for liquids.

Expansion and replacement of the production technology and control equipment.

Launch of the choline chloride production on organic support material. The quality management receives further certifications: GMP+, HACCP, Öko-Zertifikat (eco-certificate), Q&S, A-Futter.

Completion of a second mixing plant, which is independently fully operated from the previous mixing plant. This enables MIAVIT to produce in two production lines that are completely different from each other, which significantly reduces the risk of carrying over undesired additives. MIAVIT starts producing premixes for the food sector. The Dr. Hans W. Niemeyer GmbH & Co. KG rebrands into MIAVIT GmbH.

Company founder Dr. Niemeyer passes away at the age of 84 after a long illness.

MIAVIT takes over BASF AG's Lutavit-Blend range (high vitamin concentrates).

MIAVIT takes over BASF AG's Premix line and starts its production in Tarragona in September 2009.

More than 300 employees generate group-wide sales of more than 140 million euros (2014).