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Miavit POTY2020Also in 2020 MIAVIT focuses particularly on two high quality products, which will be especially reflected in seminars, fairs and customer support.


MiaBond 360

All-round mycotoxin protection

Our livestock are exposed to a large number of different mycotoxins. Different deactivation strategies are necessary to render this multitude of chemical structures harmless for the animal.

MiaBond 360 contains complex components to also deactivate non-adsorbable mycotoxins, such as deoxynivalenol (DON) and fumonisin (FUM) and a range of biomarker studies have documented its efficient action in animals.

By investing in this additive, it is possible to buffer mycotoxins and even the fluctuations in the masked mycotoxins in feed, to guarantee full nutrient uptake, and to reduce or prevent adverse health effects.



Optimal liver protection and vitality as a liquid feed supplement for poultry

Different factors can lead to damages and abnormal changes of liver tissue in poultry flocks: Disease, malnutrition, toxins and medication.

Livervital is a fast and effective liquid feed supplement. Beside ist lipotrophic complex it also contains plants extracts and antioxidative properties. These active substances provide optimal support for the fat metabolism and help to minimise liver damages. The application in the drinking water is advantageous for an easy and flexible usage on farm level guaranteeing an effective liver protection or regeneration of this important organ.

Kundenbesuch BangladeschOptimized poultry nutrition and the impact of mycotoxins in animal feed are topics of interest worldwide. Also in Asia, in this case a seminar near Dhaka in Bangladesh, MIAVIT presents effective and efficient solutions in poultry farming to members of integrations and feed mills as well as veterinarians. 

On 5th February 2020 the Fachforum Schwein took place, which is organized every two years by the Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture) in the Münsterlandhalle in Cloppenburg. 

With over 80 exhibiting companies, the fair was fully booked. The Fachforum Schwein offers a platform for the exchange of information and for discussions on current topics. 

MIAVIT was represented with an information stand and this year concentrated particularly on its product MiaPhenol. 

Fachforum Schwein 2020 (1)

Fachforum Schwein 2020 (2)