Basketballspie Polen

On 10th of December, MIAVIT organized its first animal nutrition seminar in Włocławek Poland. Eleven participants from polish feed industry attended to the seminar. The afternoon was used to exchange ideas about premix quality as well as pig and poultry nutrition.

The seminar was opened by Stefan Niemeyer with his greetings. He also talked about MIAVIT and his philosophy.

Afterwards Dr. Jan Lippe presented the complexity of premix formulation and explained the importance of carrier in premix. Michael Ermann described possible feeding strategies to reduce the amount of zinc in piglet diets. Dr. Franziska Kloska gave a lecture about the importance of histomonas/ blackhead diseases in poultry.

Bernd Thöle thanked the participants and finished the seminar. The Champions League game Anwil Włocławek against RASTA Vechta was visited afterwards.