6 Tage Rennen 2020On 13th January 2020 MIAVIT invited their costumers to a seminar followed by a visit of the SIXDAYS event in Bremen.

Stefan Niemeyer, director of MIAVIT GmbH, welcomed the participants after a short get together. Then Sigrid Seelhorst, Head of Product Line Feed Additives (MIAVIT GmbH), took over the moderation and led through the afternoon that was all about the theme “The future of agriculture”.

Silvia Breher, member of the Bundestag, started with her lecture “Livestock Farming as a Discontinued Model? Do In-Vitro-Meat and Insect Burger own the Future?”. Next Prof. Dr. Stefanie Broering from the University of Bonn, technology and innovation management in agribusiness, talked about “New Technologies and Innovations in Agribusiness: What do Laboratory Meat and Digitization have in common?”.

In the break the participants had the chance to inform and talk with MIAVITs experts about the products MiaBond 360, MiaPhenol, MiaTraceZn and MIAVITs premixes in general at four info points.

Finally Dr. Barbara Grabkowsky from the University of Vechta (Coordination Center of Transformation Research in Agricultural Lower Saxony) held a lecture about “Opportunities through Change: Transformation Processes in Livestock Farming in Northwest of Lower Saxony”.

The evening ended with a dinner together and a visit to the legendary SIXDAYS race.

A big thank you to all speakers and we are looking forward to the next SIXDAYS race!