Respiratory diseases can reduce calf performance by 18%  

Not only humans are affected by waves of influenza in autumn and winter due to unstable weather conditions. Especially for young animals the autumn is a very challenging period in the year. Their immune system is not completely developed yet so they catch infectious diseases easily. The following data was collected on a commercial dairy farm from August until October 2020, and shows how drastic an infection of the respiratory system can affect the daily weight gain of young calves. 

Miarom PAll calves on this farm were weighed every 2-3 weeks from birth until weaning. The daily weight gain of all animals which were born in the first half of August 2020 is presented in the graph below.  

The trial period was characterized by changing weather conditions. Whereas the weather was stable with temperatures above 20°C during August and the first half of September, the conditions changed drastically therafter. The temperature dropped by more than 10°C on average with some days of heavy rainfall and storm. As a result, the daily weight gain diminished by an average of 18% due to an outbreak of respiratory diseases. Two animals even had to be treated with medication (presented in red). These animals hardly gained any weight or even lost weight during this period of time.



Miarom p chart

 Protect you calves now with Miarom P to prevent from respiratory diseases 

  • Miarom P is an unique combination of essential oils, based in the main compounds present in thyme, anise, peppermint and eucalyptus  
  • Their synergic effect provides antimicrobial, expectorant, antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties, among others, promoting animal well being. 
  • The expectorant effect clears the airways so that animals can breathe more easily. 
  • Stimulation of taste and odor receptors stabilizes feed intake and allows to maximize feed intake and average daily gain  
  • A trial conducted at the Humboldt University Berlin (2016) certifies a reduced consumption of medication for respiratory diseases and a higher weight gain for veal calves fed with Miarom P   
  • Application possible in milk and milk replacer or feed for calves, cattle, poultry and pigs  


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