Wet litter and unspecific diarrhea in poultry and pigs belong to the past. MiaDiasan is applicated over feed and helps fighting against this well-known problem. The combination of water-binding components, hydrolyzable tannins and plant extracts protect the intestinal wall through complex formation.

MiaDiasan is acting like a filter on the gut mucosa, helping to keep pathogens out, but to let nutrients pass and absorb excessive water leading to a better faecal consistency. An improved gut health can be reached when unspecific diarrhoea occures in poultry and pigs. MiaDiasan leads to a dryer litter, which has a positive effect on footpad health and reduces the amount of dirty eggs.


  • Selected combination of sepiolit, plant extracts and tannins
  • For stabilization of physiological digestion in case of non-specific diarrhea in pigs and poultry
  • Effective protection of the intestinal wall, regulation of the water balance and consequently drier litter and improved footpad health
  • Dosage of 1.5 kg/t over the entire feeding period for prevention or 5 kg/t for acute diarrhea for 5-7 days

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