eurotier_2012MIAVIT put in a successful appearance this year at the EuroTier 2012 trade fair. The Eurotier has come to be the world's biggest event for animal husbandry, technology and feeds as well as biogas. The event was held in Hanover from 13 to 16 November.

MIAVIT was represented by two stands at once - a main stand in Hall 14 (Feedstuffs), and a subsidiary one in the Biogas hall (Hall 24). Over the four days of the show we were able to forge many new contacts, as well as maintaining old ones.

This year MIAVIT travelled to Hanover with 60 members of staff. The matters discussed with customers were many and varied - ranging from the general development of the company, by way of technical topics having to do with animal nutrition, to concrete approaches for the establishment or expansion of new sales channels.

In Germany MIAVIT's 40% share of the market gives it a leading position in the premix sector. Now the firm is flexing its muscles as a global player. Over the last ten years MIAVIT has increased its export ratio to the present level of 44% of the overall turnover, and this trend is going to continue. For four years now, MIAVIT has been manufacturing its products in Tarragona, Spain, both for the local and for the Mediterranean market. The company is currently planning another production site in Tianjin, near Beijing, with the aim of selling its unique expertise to the Chinese.

As for the products on view, the trade fair featured not just the standard product range but a number of exclusive articles as well. One of these was MIAVIT's speciality Streptosan, which was introduced to the market just a few months ago. This clever combination of select additives increases the vitality of pigs and makes them more resistant to pathogenic germs such as streptococci.

Our Zinkosan product has been proving its value for many years as a feed for piglets and for the initial fattening phase. Now it has undergone technical refinements and is even more effective than in the past. The product consists of an acid-stable premix of trace elements including zinc oxide. These are only released in the small intestine and the colon, resulting in improved intestinal immunity and promoting eubiosis of the gut micro-organisms.

Our Pro-Spur product has been developed for cattle, offering them an additional dose of the most important trace elements when called for by exceptional situations. Being organically bound, they have a very much higher availability level than traditional inorganic products. Pro-Spur has also undergone further development, and now contains rumen-stable methionine as an additional ingredient. It comes in a Silver and a Gold variant.

MIAVIT's Lacto Acidophilus is an exceptional product that has been specially developed for poultry. The probiotic, which occurs naturally in the crop of poultry birds, produces lactic acid and so optimises environmental conditions for the beneficial gut flora. The right balance of germ flora is crucial for intestinal health. At the same time the product suppresses harmful micro-organisms.