Vormischungen und Spezialprodukte für die Mischfutterindustrie

Neben individuellen Vormischungen und Premixen nach Kundenvorgaben bietet MIAVIT einzigartige Futteradditive und Ergänzungsfuttermittel an. Weltweit überzeugen die wissenschaftlich und speziell auf die Bedürfnisse der Mischfutterindustrie entwickelten Feedadditives-Produkte unsere Kunden. Darüber hinaus bieten wir ihnen einen umfangreichen Service rund um den Einsatz unserer Konzepte.

Nachfolgend sind die Topseller der jeweiligen Tierarten zu finden!

MiaTrace Zn

  • Unique new source of zinc
  • Targeted release of high concentrations of zinc ions into the small intestine

Contra Fatty Liver

  • For perfect liver protection
  • enhanced fat metabolism
  • Special combination of vitamins and lipotrophic active substances

Lacto Acidophilus

  • Probiotic for laying hens
  • Stabilises microbiota
  • Helps prevent E. coli


  • Helps promote livestock vitality, reduces antibiotics
  • Synergistic effect of selected nutrients supports vitality


  • Helps prevent damp litter and stabilises the intestine
  • Combination of plant-based ingredients (tannins) and other absorptive substances


  • Yeast cultures with B-vitamins increase feed intake and optimise fermentation processes in the rumen
  • Performance booster for dairy and fattening cattle


  • Improves egg shell stability
  • Butyric acid supports the growth of intestinal villi


  • Natural source of bioactive peptides
  • Improved growth performance


  • Innovative blend of defined water and fat soluble
  • Flavourings with natural antioxidative effect


  • Offers energy supply during early lactation
  • Supplies the required energy and protects
  • The liver with its rumen-stable B-vitamins

Miarom P

  • Special blend of flavourings to stimulate appetite
  • Improves the atmosphere in stables


  • Vitalising feed supplement to secure the performance
  • Support the liver metabolism

Miarom Ruminants

  • Special mixture of flavourings reduces the formation of methane and ammonia in the rumen
  • Higher performance and effective feeding as a result of higher levels of nutrients in the small intestine

PropyFix 60

  • Propylene glycol is the most important glycoplastic substance for preventing an energy deficit
  • Stabilises performance in the period just prior to birth