We have been a reliable partner for the pet food industry for many years thanks to our customer-oriented product development, extensive product range, high flexibility and good technical service.

A team of experienced specialists from the areas research, development and application technology will support you and guarantee you perfected solutions and optimal recommendations.

In addition to our standard range, we develop and produce tailor-made customer products. We supply all our products in customer-specific pack sizes.

The basis for our high-quality mixtures is primarily the selection of reliable raw material suppliers. The quality of the raw materials is ensured through the incoming goods check performed on every delivery. Every production batch is tested for the most important functional and technological properties in our in-house laboratory before dispatch. In this way we guarantee consistent product quality.

Our range includes the following products:

  • Gelling agents are indispensible in the production of all-meat, pâté and typical jelly products. Gelling agents lead to the production of jelly during sterilisation and play a decisive role in the appearance and texture of the feed.
  • Sauce thickeners are essential for the production of chunks in sauce. They guarantee homogenous distribution of the ingredients in all the typical sauce products, and are responsible for the appearance and sauce texture.
  • Filling aids regulate the viscosity and rheology in the production process and optimise process management. Furthermore, they support the homogeneity and texture of the feed.
  • Acceptance improvers bring about targeted flavour formation under sterilisation conditions (Maillard reaction) and increase the pet’s acceptance of the feed.
  • Complete compounds are tailor-made mixtures which are designed together with the customer. They can include minerals and vitamins in addition to gelling agents.