Raw materials

It all begins with high-quality raw materials. Considerable knowledge and effort goes into sourcing the right raw materials from the right suppliers.

Of course MIAVIT only buys from certified suppliers, how-ever we do not just rely of paper, the delivered quality is what counts. As a result raw materials are tested in both our internal and external accredited laboratories for their ingredient content and also for undesirable substances (e.g. dioxins, heavy metals, salmonella etc.).

Critical raw materials are held in quarantine upon receival and tested prior to release into production. Currently we have more than 2200 raw materials in our system. Our goal is to be always up to date in relation to all kind of feed additives and to have a neutral view and information on all of the possible premix / feed ingredients. Like that we are a reliable and trustful partner for the feed industry.

Why MIAVIT raw materials?

  • High-quality raw materials
  • MIAVIT only buys from certified suppliers
  • Selection of more than 2200 raw materials


Cholin Chlorid 50 SiO2

Cholin Chloride 50 SiO2 is a feed additive with a cholin chloride content of 50 %. The carrier is silicia.

Cholin Chlorid 60 VEG

Cholin Chloride 60 VEG is a feed additive with a choline chloride content of 60 %. The carrier is organic (vegetable).


MIAVIT E 50 (vitamin E 50 adsorbate) serves for vitamination of all kinds of feed and is especially suitable for premixes, mineral and active substance mixtures and for mixed feeds.


MiaMul is an antifoam emulsifier concentrate in powder form for the production of milk substitute for fattening and on-growing.


Let's talk about mixtures!

At MIAVIT we not only produce premixes and supplements for the animal nutrition and food industries, we also offer a range of services and know-how. Interested?

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