Quality in liquids – the MIAVIT way

Quality in liquids is a nuanced outcome by partly influenceable factors like raw materials and recipe formulation, alongside controllable elements such as technology and storage conditions.

Achieving excellence demands extensive know-how, strategic decision-making, and adherence to fundamental principles like careful component combination and gentle processing. In essence, quality is a delicate balance between informed decision-making and technological control.

Liquid products have particular requirements with regards to their technical realisation. Besides, not all raw materials being perfectly water soluble. Water is a reaction medium that poses a threat to the stability of the composition. Therefore, choosing the right mix of raw materials in combination with the proper technical ingredients ensures a high quality liquid for a safe application at farm level.

Especially fat-soluble ingredients as vitamin A, D, E and essential oils require highly specialised emulsification know-how. The fat-soluble ingredients are technically prepared for a perfect solubility of the product in the water tank at the farm. This guarantees a homogeneous distribution of the final ingredients in the water of the farm as well as a high availability for the animal.

MIAVIT ensures highly effective liquid products thanks to their in-house animal experts that design the formulations according to nutritional aspects for best results. Not only do we have a year-long experience in how to treat problems in livestock nutritionally, but we test our products on farms or even at institutional level worldwide.

EU feed law compliancy meaning nutritional formulation design in accordance with EU requirements is a prerequisite for all MIAVIT liquid products. We apply the so-called complementary feed concept for a guaranteed harmless application on farm level. Maximum concentration levels and defined feeding recommendations by law of certain vitamins or trace elements ensure non-toxicity and safety for the whole production chain. Moreover, MIAVIT ensures transparency thanks to the EU compliant declaration of active ingredients instead of raw materials on the label giving our customers the power to compare products independently.

Superior technical product development, nutritional formulation expertise and EU feed law compliancy is MIAVIT way in liquid products.

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