The bacterial endotoxin activity in ruminants: a constant threat?

In our last two episodes, we have spoken about mycotoxins and their challenge in handling, but what about endotoxins?

Where do they come from? And are they a constant threat?

Is there a potential risk of endotoxins in dairy cows? What solutions do exist in farm- and feed management to protect our dairy cows?

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Managing the mycotoxin challenge: How to recognize the mycotoxin signs in poultry?

In our last episode we have spoken about moulds and mycotoxins, but how we are able to recognize mycotoxins signs in our farm animals in time?

What is necessary as a farm manager to protect the production and to detect a contamination? How should a good risk management system for feed production look like? In a market plenty of products - how can I find the right product for my needs?

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Moulds or mycotoxins – what makes our animals sick and leads to high econmic losses in livestock performance?

In our first episodes, we talk with experts about toxins and how do they harm our far animals.

Learn what is the difference between molds and mycotoxins?

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Welcome to the podcast represented by MIAVIT

MIAVIT stands for high quality, innovative and profitable special products, premixes and liquids.

With this podcast, we want to give you a deeper expertise in the wide field of animal nutrition.

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What is MIAVIT and what is our podcast about?

These are two of the questions that Gintaras will answer for you.

You get an insight what to expect in the next episodes and what we want to achieve with the podcast.

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