Aquaculture: Current trends of a future sector

Aquaculture is the farming of species in water.

People often use Aquaculture interchangeably with fish farming, which isn’t always correct. Aquaculture of course includes fish farming, but aquaculture includes so much more than just fish.

Rebecca Heavyside, R&D Manager from Arctic Feed Ingredients is our guest in this interview. She is a quite experienced scientific, mainly focused in the feed industry as a microingridients researcher, developing new solutions for the constant challenges in the fish and shrimp sector.

Although it remains smaller than land animal farming, since the 1980’s aquaculture has grown exponentially and is still growing all around the world and is continuing to do so. Join our podcast to learn how aquaculture sector is, how aquaculture feeds look like and its current and future challenges.

Our next episode will be released on the 17th of November.
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