Egg production part 2/2. How to realize the genetic potential – Focus on nutrition

In the previous episode, we highlighted the genetic aspects and the importance of good pullet quality to achieve optimum, top quality eggs.

In addition to the rearing period, various nutritional aspects also need to be taken into account.

Which feed compositions and components are important? What aspects of feed management need to be considered? What is needed for extended laying cycles? Learn about the impact of the liver on egg quality and what we can do to support a healthy liver.
In this episode, Estella Leentfaar, from Hendrix Genetics Layers, explains what nutritional aspects are important for good persistency.
Hendrix Genetics is the breeding company behind many laying chicken breeds, such as the ISA brown & Dekalb White. Estella is employed as nutritionist. After her Master’s in animal nutrition in Wageningen, she worked for Nutreco as poultry project manager and nutritionist and joined Hendrix Genetics in 2019, providing technical support to customers all over the world.

Our next episode will be released on the 19th of May.
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