MiaBond 360

All-round protection leads to success of production

Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by moulds present on almost all agricultural commodities worldwide. Depending on several conditions, like temperature and relative humidity, mycotoxins can be produced directly on the field (field mycotoxins) and additional occur after harvest due to insufficient preservation and poor storage conditions (storage mycotoxins).

Even in small amounts, mycotoxin contamination can cause a variety of adverse health effects to animal husbandry.

To master the diversity of mycotoxins and to guarantee efficient production, solutions which offer multiple detoxification strategies are recommended.

  • Approved for a wide spectrum of mycotoxins
  • Biotransformation of less polar mycotoxins, like DON and FUM
  • EU-registered and approved bentonite (1m558)
  • Binding of endotoxins
  • Protection of livestock performance
  • Packaging-Info: 20 kg bag
To control various myco- and endotoxins with different chemical structural properties, MiaBond 360 combines 3 different modes of action to optimize the toxin risk management for your animals: Adsorption, Biotransformation, Cell protection

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