Maximising energy

Fat digestion is a complex process in which the body´s own bile salts and enzymes play a vital role. In livestock farming, there are a range of factors that can impair this process. Adding specific emulsifiers to animal feed can help to support the different steps of fat digestion and enhance the overall process. However, not all emulsifiers can support the entire fat digestion process.

  • A unique and innovative mixture of different emulsifiers that contains a high amount of lysolecithins
  • Improves the entire fat digestion process
  • Higher energy availability from the final ration
  • Cost savings and increased profitability
  • Packaging-Info: 10 kg bag
MiaEmax is a balanced mixture of innovative emulsifiers and contains a high amount of lysolecithins that maximise energy absorption thanks to an improved digestion of fat.Not only do the lysolecithins emulsify the feed, but an ideal ratio of synthetic emulsifiers also helps to maximise the energy availability of the feed.

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