Natural antioxidants

High-performing animals are constantly exposed to various stressors. Heat stress, mycotoxins intoxications, metabolic stress or impaired immune functions are common worldwide. All these stressors lead to so called oxidative stress, which is characterized by an excess of free radicals. Natural polyphenols help to hold a balance between oxidative and antioxidative processes. Due to its very high antioxidative potential MiaPhenol protects animals in phases of oxidative stress.

  • Mixture of defined water and fat soluble antioxidants
  • Increases the antioxidative status of the animal
  • Includes thermostable active ingredients
  • Leads to better production parameters
  • Packaging-Info: 10 kg aluminium bag
MiaPhenol is a complementary feed for all animal species, consisting out of two natural polyphenols, chosen for the hightest antioxidative capacity (water and fat soluble parts). It´s usage will bring synergistic properties to Vitamin E and Vitamin C leading to an increaes antioxidative status of the animal.

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