MIAVIT’s quality control gates for liquid products development

Did you ever ask yourself how product development is done at MIAVIT?

How long it takes to create formulations in accordance with nutritional aspects, feed law compliancy and technological restrictions?

Find out in the next minutes during a closer look at the technological product development with its quality control systems for providing our well-known MIAVIT standard.

Correctly composing liquid products is a challenge itself due to the increased reactivity of the raw materials in water. Meaning the more different type of ingredients a liquid mixture has, the more complex product development becomes for creating a stable product with an acceptable shelf life.

Choosing the right raw materials in compliance with feed law is one of the first steps. MIAVIT preferably selects raw materials with standardised active ingredients, so we can guarantee analysis within the final product. Feed grade certificates as GMP+ and Fami QS are mandatory.

For ensuring availability within the internal supply chain, our purchasing implemented a supplier-strategy for raw materials as well as for our numerous packaging options. Minimum stock planning in our warehouse guarantees sufficient raw materials for all regular orders.

During the process of product composition, feed law aspects are closely monitored. Feeding recommendations defined in accordance to the rules of liquid complementary feed, dietetic complementary feed or premix standards.

Once the final composition of a liquid product is being agreed on, the lab testing phase will be initiated. Depending on the outcome, compositions could be further adapted and recipes modified to meet final MIAVIT quality standards. Only if the testing results show no significant colour change, sediments, cloudiness, bad smell, pH value differences or phase separation, the product is released for production.

Depending on the complexity of the formulation and the novelty of the ingredients, an upscaling test is required from the laboratory scale to the large mixers used in production.

The recipe will then be embedded in production instruction manuals for defining a standardised mixing process with regards to mixing order, temperature, stirring time and special handling of certain raw materials. Quality parameters as pH value, density and optical appearance are defined and fixed.

As the industry and feed law never stands still, we closely monitor any new requirements that might affect raw materials, compositions or labelling content for finding the best solutions.

We look forward in offering you our liquid MIAVIT products with high standard!

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